Others About Her Critique

If you have never listened to Björk, then there will be no critique that can explain what she is really like. You need to listen to some of her songs:

and especially pay attention to her videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KxtgS2lU94

She is definitely a very specific singer and composer. Some say she is a true artist, with songs full of emotion and videos that show how daring and adventurous she is. Some say that her melodies are obnoxious, dissonant, and too psychedelic. Indeed, it is the matter of taste. She has thousands of fans and she has been singing for more than forty years now which is not something to be disregarded.

For instance, an interesting comment was made by Alexis Petridisin in the Guardian. “It was raw, brave, challenging, unique and all the other adjectives heaped on it in reviews, but with the best will in the world, any album so harrowing that the appearance of gloom-laden vocalist Anohni constitutes a moment of light relief is going to be one that defies you to listen to it repeatedly.”

Obviously Björk is always linked to those adjectives such as daring, bold, experimenting, artistic, etc. but Piero Scaruffi on his blog states that if an unknown musician would do something like this he or she would not be popular and they might even be considered as weird or obnoxious, while Björk is considered wonderful and magnificent.

It is definitely true that Björk does not put as much accent on her music as on her imagery. She lures the viewers by avant-garde video frames and in this way transfers emotions onto her fans.

You may like her or not but she is indeed very intriguing. Her fans usually say that she awakens some dear emotions in them, reminds them of childhood, happy memories, etc. Perhaps then we may assume it is truth that if anyone else did this they would not be as lovable as she is. She is perceived as sensitive and creative, and if you start to love her, you will probably enjoy her songs since it is for sure that her songs send powerful emotions and this is exactly what she goes for in her albums.

Björk is known for her uncommon vocal skills, while her compositions are definitely not mainstream type of composing. So far she has always been using various styles of modern music to color it with her personality. This is how Björk has made her unique style. Basically, her art lies in remarkable voice skills, dissonant punk and electronic melodies wrapped up with a lot of studio editing and experimenting. When you add eccentric imagery, you get an avant-garde experimental art with elements of pop and punk.

People mostly enjoy Björk’s expressiveness and specific emotions they receive upon listening. She has certain dramatic trait in her songs and this is why she is not just a singer. She is an actress.

Neil McCormick, a music critic, finds her music discombobulating, although moving and inspiring. He states: “But she is not always a pleasure to listen to, especially when, as here, she completely untethers herself from the formal conventions of songwriting.” All in all, Björk is a unique artist, with stunning vocal abilities and expressive and dramatic imagery, experimenting through music and studio beats.